Video 84 Hot Pink Lingerie Second Part


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In the second part, you find me showing off my stumps by squeezing and massaging them while lying on a couch and wearing my see-through pink lingerie.
You get to see the scar and muscle deformations up close as I give my stumps a thorough workout with my hands.
I then do some stump walking on the couch and butt walking on the floor before standing on a pedestal while showing them off again and then more couch walking.
I finish up with showing off on a table and couch walking back to the pedestal and more butt walking on the floor.
Did you enjoy your cold shower ;)?
As usual, PLEASE tell me what you want to see me do in furture videos.
THANK YOU for buying my content and respecting my copyrights.
FullHD 1080i, 20 minutes, 1.5 GB
Don't share, or I will have no reason to make more videos for you.
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