Video 5 The Rock Garden


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Join me as I wheel myself along a tree lined path in the late fall. 
See my arm strength as I push myself uphill and over rough ground.
I show you how I get in and out of my chair while parked in a rock garden. 
I roll out a yoga matt and you get to see me pose in bluejeans and a gray tee-shirt. I light up a cigarette and you get to see my jean clad stumps and butt in close ups. 
Do you think my wiggling stump is sexier in jeans or nylons?
I then wheel myself out to the walkway and show you how I swing my legs as I walk along a path and up some stairs. 

You get to see more poses of me on the yoga matt and grass as I show off and stand on my jean clad stumps. I even show you how I climb down many stairs without prosthetics.
I do some more posing in fall leaves, and then wheel my way back and get into our car. 
I hope you enjoyed seeing how I get around without legs.
Lots of extra video that isn't in the photo sets, many close-ups of my stumps.
Most of the video is with original sound.
HD 1080i, 22 minutes, 1.4 GB
Don't share, or I will have no reason to make more videos for you.
Payment is via PayPal and you get at once an e-mail with a link for one-time download.

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