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In this video you get to see me change out the usual sandals on my prosthetics for nice red shoes to go with my formal red dress.
Then I put on my stump sleeves, attach my sockets, and go for a long roll outside around the building.
When I get back I remove my legs and paint the prosthetic feet toenails to match my dress color.
You then get to see me change out of my dress and put my pin sleeves on again so that I can pull my tight jeans on over top of them. I'm sure you'll like the 'bare skin' look.
I change the shoes back to sandals and go for a walk out on the patio.
I hope you enjoyed seeing how I assemble and disassemble myself.
Please tell me what you would like to see in future videos. I want to please your interests.
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FullHD 1080i, 26 minutes, 2.0 GB
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