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Watch me color my nails and put on makeup.
Come join me on the hotel bed as I show off my bare stumps and scars in many interesting ways. See me standing on my stumps, or sitting, or pushed up a headboard, and with many many close ups as I massage and caress and play with them.
See me free-stand or walk on my stumps for the first time.
I even put on black leather gloves for your enjoyment and show off my stumps in ways you've never seen.
You won't find a sexier stump show anywere else. 
And if you like what you see, tell your friends. 
Lots of extra video that isn't in the photo sets, many close-ups of my stumps.
HD 720p, 35 minutes, 1.3 GB
Don't share, or I will have no reason to make more videos for you.
Payment is via PayPal and you get at once an e-mail with a link for one-time download.

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