Photo Set 39 Sexy Photo Shooting


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This photo set was taken by my friend Ludmilla while I posed in various ways around her home.
I am wearing nearly nothing; just bare breasted bra with pasties and skimpy black panties with red nylons on my stumps.
I try many unsual poses to titilate you. Tell me which ones you liked best. If you give me nice feedback, I might wear even less.
These photos are of a lesser quality because Ludmilla's camera is not as good, but I'm sure you won't notice.
Please tell me what you want to see me do in future videos and photos.
87 pictures in high resolution (5.4k x 3.6k)
Zip file size 774 MB
Don't share, or I will have no reason to make more photos for you.
Payment is via PayPal and you get at once an e-mail with a link for one-time download.

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